The Hyundai Kona EV, the car that forgot to have a face, just got rated by the EPA with an estimated range of 20 miles more than a Chevy Bolt, 107 miles more than a Nissan Leaf, and 52 miles less than the long range Tesla Model 3. These ratings obviously don’t match up perfectly with real-world use, but they’re still impressive to see from the Kona, a little crossover that doesn’t look like a super-aerodynamic wind-cheater. A Honda Insight this is not.
 The only thing left up in the air is that we still don’t have an official price for the Kona EV, rated here with its 64 kWh long-range battery pack, as InsideEVsnotes. Still, it’s an interesting vehicle.
Find the Kona EV’s full EPA page here, and if you’re curious, you can put it side-by-side with, say, a Tesla Model 3 on the compare page.